Carvoeiro, Lagoa And Silves Hit By Tornado

Emergency services and members of the authorities are still working to clear debris after a tornado hit the Algarve areas of Carvoeiro, Lagoa and Silves this afternoon.

The tornado was seen building up over the sea from the coast of Carvoeiro at around 1pm and when it hit land it proceeded to cause havoc in Carvoeiro, Lagoa and on into Silves.

According to a report by the Portuguese newspaper Público, ten people were injured during the tornado with two of them sustaining serious injuries while other people were treated by INEM for psychological issues.


In Carvoeiro the worst hit areas were in and around the Monte Santo resort and Quinta do Paraiso.

Workers were already busy trying to replace roof tiles of properties while a porta cabin had been tipped in the tornado on the outskirts of the resort.

One of the golf buggies used at the resort was said to be found several kilometres away from the resort after the tornado carried it across the local area.



A property opposite the Monte Santo resort saw extensive damage with blown in windows and tiles removed while hoarding around land near to the roundabout was blown down.

The properties next to O Branco restaurant saw damage to roof tiles and trees blown down.

One witness who lives in Quinta do Paraiso told Tomorrow Carvoeiro: “We heard a loud noise coming from outside so I opened the door to see what was going on.

“My husband then shouted for me to close the door because it was a tornado and we could see debris being blown around and smashing into our house.

“It took all our force to be able to shut the door and we stood, petrified for around 10 seconds as the tornado passed our house.”

Children from the local primary school in Carvoeiro were evacuated from the school after a bolt of lightning hit the neighbouring church on the cliff top.

Another witness told Tomorrow Carvoeiro: “The lightening came down and blew the electricity board leading to a small fire but this was soon put out and no serious damage was done.”

Parents of children at the primary school were called at 2pm to come and pick up their children because they were all too scared to stay in the building after the lightening bolt.

One parent told Tomorrow Carvoeiro: “The school called me and all I could hear was screaming children in the background.  I was told all the children were safe but scared and that I needed to get to the school to take them home.

“When I arrived at the school most of the children had calmed down but were still very shaken from the experience.”

A search and rescue helicopter could be seen flying over Carvoeiro and the local area into the afternoon, assessing the damage, while members of edp worked on repairing lines and the Bombeiros worked to clear debris off roads.


The tornado moved on from Carvoeiro to Lagoa where the bulk of the damage was on the outskirts of the city near to the Jumbo petrol station.

Traffic coming from Portimão was backed up to the new bridge as emergency services worked to clear the section of road next to the large round about as large trees had been uprooted, signs blown down and properties on the opposite side to the road to the petrol station had sustained large levels of damage.

A witness in Lagoa told Tomorrow Carvoeiro: “I went into one of the apartments after the tornado had hit and the place was destroyed.  The owner told me that as the tornado hit his windows blew and his television flew off the wall.

“His apartment is destroyed, outside and in and is going to take a lot of work to put right again.”








In Silves emergency services were called to the area near to the municipal swimming pool and running track, a popular area for motor homes to park during the winter months.

News reports on Portuguese television showed the motorhomes had been flipped onto their sides and their owners had been injured because of this.  It was here that the two serious injuries occurred.

One witness told Tomorrow Carvoeiro: “There were cars turned on their sides and trees had been blown over everywhere.  We were scared for our lives at one point.”


A spokesman from the institute of meteorology has said that although the conditions in the Algarve could have caused a tornado today they would need a few days to examine data to be able to determine if it was an offical tornado or not.


The conditions for further tornados remains in the Algarve until at least tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon


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